How Ecigarettes Work

An E cigarette has different components namely the cartridge, atomizer, magnet adaptor, battery, and the liquid. It vaporizes the liquid as you puff into the cigarette then produces steam as you exhale, mimicking a smoke as if the user were smoking a conventional or a tobacco cigarette. But unlike conventional cigarettes, the nicotine content of E cigarettes can be modulated depending on the amount that the user prefers. The liquid used varies in the amount of nicotine that is present in it. Since nicotine is the addictive component of tobacco, the smoker can gradually decrease his nicotine intake. This prevents the smoker to have withdrawal symptoms from switching to E cigarette from tobacco smoking, if not quit at all.

There are a lot of benefits of choosing to smoke an E cigarette as compared to the conventional one. One is it lessens the health risk brought about by smoking. Cigarette smoking is undoubtedly hazardous to the health, but thanks to the e cigarette the smoker can lessen this if not avoid it totally. Another is that smoking an E cigarette is cheaper. Buying the starter kit might be a bit pricey but it is indeed cheaper if used for long term. All you need to buy is its liquid, the battery is chargeable. Next, it is not harmful to the environment and to the people around you as well. Since its byproduct is only vapor, it is not detrimental at all. Unlike the conventional cigarette that emits carbon monoxide and dioxide among others. Another thing, the smoker can prevent the foul smoke odor from sticking to his fingers, clothes, curtains, and the like.

Switching to an E cigarette would be really wise. Smoking is just a fixation. It is the sensation that a smoker is looking for. Do not doubt on how E cigarette works.

How E-Cigarette Scores Over The Conventional

A lot has been said and publicized about the harmful effects of smoking conventional cigarettes. A lot has also been said about the safety aspects of e-cigarettes, which has prompted many compulsive smokers of traditional cigarettes to switch over to e-cigarettes. Incidentally, smokers of e-cigarettes have discovered certain downsides to electronic cigarettes too. Yet, the fact remains that e-cigarettes are significantly less harmful than their conventional counterparts. Keeping that in mind, many people have already moved or planning to move to e-cigarettes with a view to saving their health and money.

Firstly, one nice thing about e-cigarettes is that you are able to get your nicotine pleasure without the tar and other hazardous inhalants like carbon monoxide etc. You are not ingesting any tar or inviting mouth cancer. Though nicotine – it is highly addictive too – in e-cigarettes is in no way good for health, in the long run, the fact that you have it without tar and carbon monoxide is the main plus point here.

The problem with conventional cigarettes is that you are tempted to have a puff every now and then. When you pull out a cigarette, you feel compelled to use the entire cigarette every time you light it even if you want just want one or two puffs. With e-cigarettes, you can put away the cigarette any time you want to stop. Smoking less is better and e-cigarette allows you to do just that.

The money you spend on your cigarettes comes into play too. People tend to spend a lot on conventional cigarettes as they have to keep replacing their cartons. Though you have to spend initially when you make the switch to e-cigarettes, you earn back your investment in due course. Thus, unlike the conventional cigarettes, e-cigarettes help you to save hundreds of dollars over a period of time.